Thursday, May 30, 2013


Inter and intra-company cooperation along with employee relationships with suppliers and subcontractors can make the work environment pleasant and enjoyable. Getting along with others, including management, is the basis for good morale. Additionally, cooperation reduces turnover, cuts lost hours, and improves employee engagement. In short, people who happily cooperate and help us with our tasks and challenges make our lives better.

Cooperation is a state of mind, a culture, and a way of living. In the workplace, it begins with communication from management and feedback from the workforce. Management asks what can be done to make it easy for everyone to cooperate and the workforce responds with what it believes it needs. Sometimes what the workforce asks for must be adjusted to accommodate business goals and objectives, but often much of what is asked can be provided. For example, a workforce asks for a clearer understanding of the chain of command. This is something we all take for granted and assume everyone knows, yet sometimes they do not. In response management provides an organization chart and one roadblock to cooperation is eliminated.

Next, management explains the importance of cooperation and what it means to the individuals and the company. If necessary, management can provide cooperation training sessions. These sessions begin by explaining that the only way to expect others to cooperate with us is to cooperate with them. A combination of simple actions will give us the cooperation we want and need, things such as: always imagine that every other person’s actions and words, written or spoken, are of the best intent, never react without all of the facts, think before you speak, before you press send on a retaliatory e-mail give it some time and reconsider.

In summary, give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and treat everyone as you would like to be treated.

Next entry we will discuss Excellence in Anticipation

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